Monday, December 6, 2010

Mr.Ganesh Narayan's Blog

One of my Online students Mr.Ganesh Narayan has got inherent musical talents and within a very short period he has learnt music & started playing cine songs comfortably on the Keyboard. Moreover he has a lot of innovative ideas and recording techniqes and I hope he will continue his efforts to reach a very big level in the music field.

I wish him all success in his musical endeavours.

He is posting his song recordings in his blog

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keyboard & Mandolin

Bh.Murali is a versatile artist., and he can play violin, keyboard & mandolin. He is a disciple of the Mandolin Maestro Shri.U.Shrinivas.

Bh.Murali performs on the Keyboard & Mandolin during his Shreeraagam Concerts. He plays Carnatic & Light on these instruments. Ilayaraja's hits & MSV's old melodies sound very good in the Keyboard-Mandolin combination. Also the tabla & mridhangam combination with alongwith soft effects & guitar chords add a neat rhythm flow & harmony to the songs.

The popular carnatic & cine songs sound very differently during his concerts & some of the songs appear much better & lively than even the original recording., like the old wine in a new bottle.

Shreeraagam concerts are 100% successful because of the involvement of its team members & it a very fast growing Instrumental Orchestra in Chennai City.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Light Music

Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam performs light music (purely instrumental). Now-a-days, people are more inclined to have soft instrumental music for special occasions like wedding receptions. Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam is the first of its kind in Chennai giving 'Raga' based fusion musis of Carnatic & Light.
Shreeraagam covers songs from MSV period to Harris period., and more of Ilayaraja's ever green melodies.

Instrumental Fusion Music

Instrumental Fusion Music is the most suitable for any auspicious occasion like wedding reception, family get togethers, friends meet, corporate meetings, etc. Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam gives melodius music concerts suitable for any function.

The main features of Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam are., 1. the music will be very soft & soothing 2. as all songs are performed on various instruments, it will sound differently., and its a new variety of music. 3. the music will be rich in quality 4. the song selection will be in such a way that people of all ages will sit & listen. 5.reasonable pricing 6. good audio quality

Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam is emerging as one of Chennai's best Instrumental Fusion Orchestras.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Concert on Feb 4, 2010

Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam's concerts are going good, but the concert on 4th February 2010, at Sri Vishnu Mahal, Saligramam, was a special & memorable one. Unlike just a Wedding Reception, the audience were ready even by 5.45 pm, and were ready to listen to the concert.

The concert began at 6.30 pm, with a varnam in 'Sri ragam'. There was a full bench of artists for the concert.

Lead Keyboard: Bh.Murali
Violin: Pakala Jayaprakash
Mridhangam: Nagarajan
Ghatam: Karthik (Junior)
Tabla: Hariharasuthan
Support Keyboard: Gururaaj
Guitar: Nagaraj

Then the concert proceeded with Vatapi Ganapathim, Alaipayudhe, Thamboori Meetidhava, Bantureethikolu, Vallikkanavan, Chinnanchiru Kiliye, Raghuvamsasudha, Sabapathikku, Sai Bhajan.

'Madhuvanthi ' - a fusion of carnatic with the song 'Kanda Naal Mudhal' was the main item, and it went on well with a grand thani avardhanam.

Ater that many melodius cine songs like nilave ennidam nerungadhe, indha pachaikkilikkoru, ennavale, en veettu thottathil, amma endrazhaikkadha etc.

After that Raghupathi Raghava, Vaishnava Janatho, Mani Iyer notes, Muthaithiru were played and the concert was concluded with Bagyadha Lakshmi Baramma.

There was spell bound audience, and they gave a lot of encouragement. It went on like a Sabha Concert, and was well appreciated.