Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shreeraagam's best Concert at Sivanandha Gurukulam

Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam performed its best Concert at Sivanandha Gurukulam, Chennai on 22nd September.

The General Secretary of the Ashram Padmashri.Dr.S.Rajaram & Mrs.Rajaram requested Bh.Murali to play popular devotional songs & Cine songs, for the sake of the children of the Ashram. The concert began at around 6.30 pm, with Maha Ganapathim, a Dhikshidar Krithi.

The second song was "Ayarpadi Maligaiyil", and the children started singing along, clapping their hands together with the rhytm. The concert was continued with some more devotional songs like "pullanguzhal kodutha", "malar pola - pondicherry annai song", "janani janani", and followed by melodius cine songs like "kadavul Ullame karunai illame", 'ovvoru pookkalume", "brindhavanamum nandhakumaranum", and many other songs. The team also played cine songs according to the children's choice.

The children of the Ashram enjoyed the concert with their full involvement, singing and dancing with the team.

The General Secretary appreciated Bh.Murali and his team and complimented that this concert was the best concert in the Ashram, since its inception in 1945 and the children were egarly asking, when Murali & his team will come again and perform.

Bh.Murali and his team members were very thrilled and had a very wonderful experience out of this concert. The Ashram authorities have requested Bh.Murali to perform concerts at their premises atleast once in 6 months, so that the orphan children will get out of their complex and rejoice with this wonderful music.

Bh.Murali was accompanied by Shri K.R Suresh (violin), Shri. Nagarajan (mridhangam), Shri. Hariharasuthan (tabla), Shri.Gururaaj (keyboard) and Shri.Nagaraj (guitar). Audio arrangements were made by M/s Nithya Audio, Chennai.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Concert for a Social Cause - 22nd September

Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam has been performing free concerts on many occasions for genuine cause.

One such corcert has been organised by Shreeraagam at Sivanandha Gurukulam, Kattangolathur, Chennai. Sivanandha Gurukulam is a well known Orphanage in Chennai, doing a wonderful service. Bh.Murali's Shreeraagam is performing a purely service-oriented Concert on 22nd September on the occasion of 'Navarathri Celebrations'.

Bh.Murali thanks Dr.Rajaram & his wife Mrs.Rajaram for the opportunity given to Shreeraagam for the performance.